Surface Media is an award-winning creative team of design-obsessed storytellers—editors, content strategists, and designers who create for over 100 active Surface Media advertisers, 350 members of Surface Media’s The List and brand partners across Surface Media’s integrated platforms, which include websites, podcasts, newsletters, social channels, print magazines, and events.

A native ad is editorial content created in partnership with an advertiser. It’s the most current and popular form of branded content and provides value to the readers through engaging stories aligned with the advertiser’s communication objectives while staying true to the natural form, function, feel, and voice of the publishing brand.

Helming Surface Studios, the Commercial Editor will be the primary contact for all branded content campaigns and will work closely with sales, creative services, ad ops, and product development to create effective and engaging experiences. We are looking for an individual who is passionate about the creative process and capable of handling the entire campaign, including initial ideation in brainstorms for RFPs, managing client revisions, and evaluating metrics to perfect and advise on content strategy. The ideal candidate will also have a high appreciation design, fashion, art and culture. He or she will be expected to be on the cutting edge, monitoring the creative and media industries, content marketing industry news and developments, incorporating those elements into our programs and keeping the team apprised.

The Commercial Editor will:

  • Be present every step of the way, from ideation, to production, and to actual content output. 
  • Be able to consider the requirements and limitations of both the publisher and the advertiser.
  • Monitor the performance of content, ensuring that internal targets are reached, while also presenting insight reports on these. 
  • Represent Surface Media at events, briefings, and presentations, as well as photo or video shoots for native advertising projects.
  • Will have considerable journalism experience but will also be aware of the importance of revenue generation. He or she should also recognize the advertisers and clients need a publisher to get their message across. It is the job of the Commercial Editor to create a link between the two and make sure that both publisher and advertiser are pleased by and proud of each piece of native advertising content.
  • Have the ability to collaborate with and be open to various kinds of people. This is a must. 
  • Have excellent social and communication skills, as the post entails constant interaction with artists, advertising executives, members of editorial teams, programmers, and business insight generators, as well as clients and advertisers. The candidate will therefore have to know how to work with a wide range of personalities.
  • Be highly organized and detail-oriented. 
  • Strictly enforce budgets, timelines, and deadlines. 
  • Enjoy challenging, creative work. Innovative thinking and the ability to execute insightful ideas that result in groundbreaking and unique content are a must.
  • Be data-driven; will measure success of native content, in large part, as the achievement specific numbers. 
  • Work quickly and efficiently.


  • 3+ years of work experience. Background in media, a publishing company, a public relations agency, advertising agency, or corporate communications is essential.
  • Bachelor’s degree in creative writing, journalism, communication, advertising, or marketing.
  • Production skills (video, film, photo) a must.
  • Written and spoken fluency in English. 

Required skills: 

  • Ideation and Pitching
  • Proofreading
  • Content Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Production (digital, video, event and photo shoot) a plus